We saved our client $25,000 in interest p.a.
I’m excited to share a success story of how Cutler Finance helped a client save an incredible $25,000 in interest on their home loans. At Cutler Finance, we believe in making a positive impact on people’s lives, and this example demonstrates the commitment we have to our clients.

Private Banking is well known for its appeal in providing exclusive services and seemingly favorable deals to high-net-worth clients. However, appearances can often be deceiving, and a closer review of the situation is imperative to ensure clients are truly receiving the best possible financial solution. The client, a high-net-worth individual, was initially attracted to the prestige and perceived benefits associated with being a part of a major bank’s private bank.

The Process
The client sought the expertise of Cutler Finance, based on our reputation of securing the best deals for our clients. After an initial review with the client and despite the client's initial satisfaction with the Private bank’s services. Cutler Finance believed there might be room for improvement regarding the client’s debt structure. Cutler Finance identified that there were potential opportunities to improve the client’s situation. Using our panel over of 30 lenders, we have access to a wide range of financial products which helped the team at Cutler Finance identify more competitive interest rates and favorable terms. As a result of the efforts of Cutler Finance, we were able to save the client an impressive $25,000 (after tax) in interest annually. This substantial cost reduction not only improved the client’s financial position but also demonstrated the importance of seeking financial experts when dealing with lenders.

Cutler Finance not only helped the client secure a more favorable finance structure and more competitive rates but saved them an impressive $25,000 in interest per annum. In today’s dynamic financial landscape, seeking professional guidance from an experienced finance broker is no longer a luxury but a necessity to put you in the best position to make well-informed decisions.